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The table below perfectly illustrates our goals for all of our clients as we support them through childbirth.

"The role of a doula is not to protect but to educate, not to advocate but to empower."  

The Doula Difference
How mothers rated their birth experience:
With Doula
Without Doula
Rated birth experience as good82.5%
Felt they coped well with labor
Felt labor had positive effect on them as a women
Perceived their bodies as strong
Source: Obstetrics & Gynecology 93. no 3 (1999)

Why a birth doula team?

Working with a team of doulas give you the option of double doula services or back up services.

We have found that working with two doulas gives clients the needed reassurance of knowing who will support them when the time comes. While some mothers choose this option many do not.  Having one doula that you feel a strong connection to and knowing that she has back up if needed is a more traditional way of doula support.  

Double doula, two doulas will attend all the prenatals and attend the birth if they are both available.

Back up, one doula will attend prenatal visits, back up will be called for birth if primary doula is unable to support client.

Birth Support

All of the doulas within our group hold education as a key to support their clients.  Evidence based and baby friendly practices are our goal.

These services include:

Prenatal visits to talk about your pregnancy, your hopes & fears, how you manage discomfort, and work on your birth plan.

Our intensive intake form covers many aspects of how you would like to birth your baby. We answer any questions that come up through the process of filling it out and help you find the information needed for more education.
Resource for unbiased information

On-call Availablility 24 hours a day, two weeks before your estimated due date until baby is born

Early labor support in your home

Help in deciding when to leave for the birth center, hospital or call the midwife

One-on-one attention at your birth, giving you and your partner the comfort & confidence to birth together

Help in managing labor pain with methods like; massage, relaxation, breathing, touch, & voice

Suggestions on how to help your labor progress

Aid in communication between you and your caregiver and work through any changes to your birth plan

Immediate help with breastfeeding

Continued support after baby is born for one to two hours

Postpartum visits to review your birth story

What training is involved in becoming a birth doula?

Doula training is a weekend intensive covering topics like but not limited to:

Anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, fetal development, labor, postpartum, and breastfeeding

Emotions of pregnancy

Pain management techniques

Medical procedures used in labor

Emotional support and physical comfort measures

Support for difficult labors, Cesarean birth, and vaginal birth after Cesarean

Newborn care and breastfeeding support

On going education is key to becoming a informed doula.

How do you become a doula?

Have you ever thought about supporting families in childbirth or postpartum? Our group sponsors on going educational opportunities. Both birth doula trainings and postpartum doula trainings are offered through out the year.

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Portland Postpartum Doula Training

This is a group of doulas who took the DONA postpartum doula training in March 2005.

Susan M. was a wonderful teacher. Our group had five of our members attend. We had a wonderful time getting to know other doulas in our community and made many new friendships.

        Portland, OR / Vancouver, WA