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Deana Andersen-Tennant, PCD(DONA)
Multiples Consultations

If you are expecting multiples or experiencing a fussy baby Deana can help. Her consultations offer real-life problem solving and action plans with ongoing support if needed.  

Examples of topics covered in a multiples consultation are:

*Tandem breast feed hands free
*Environment set up to do it ALL alone
*Burping one baby while nursing the other
*Bottle feeding two babies safely
*Preemie specific issues
*The difference between singletons and multiples physiologically and the behaviors they exhibit
*Sibling adjustment and problem solving and the unique issues of safety involved when there are young children in the home (w/multiples)

TWINS 101:  a four hour class, for parents who are expecting more than one baby. A practical approach to preparing home, supplies, and equipment needed for multiple babies. This is not a preparing for childbirth class. Problem solving and practical information for caring for more than one baby at once and getting over that newborn hump will be given. Class is taught by a multiples specialist and educator with both personal experience, and over 20 years professional, with multiples and their families.  Classes are held in Milagros Boutique's family room.  

To sign up please fill out a Postpartum Care Request at the top of the page. Deana will send you an invoice.

        Portland, OR / Vancouver, WA