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Working in the birth and postpartum field allows us to connect with other care providers in the Portland / Vancouver area.  These resources are a few that our clients have found helpful in the past.  If you need more information or another type of referral contact us at the office.
Community PartnershipsAs we connect within our community some groups or resources stand out as exceptional. Below you will find local business and support groups that we either have networked with or volunteer with. Click on each picture to pull up their website for more information.
Postpartum MoodsMost mothers feel a little "off" after the baby comes but what if you think those feeling are not the normal baby blues? Through this link you will find information on Perinatal Mood Disorders and resources that can support your family through. Remember that reaching out always helps.
Breastfeeding ResourcesBreastfeeding is a natural way to feed our children but we need education and support to achieve our goals. The Northwest has the highest breastfeeding rate in relation to the rest of the US because we have such great resources!
Calendar Supporting the community is one of our long term goals. Come find out what is offered to soon to be families and new parents.
Education for DoulasHave you ever thought about supporting childbirth or breastfeeding? Do you have a gift of giving and non-judgment? Maybe doula work is for you.

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